In the safe heaven of birds…

Subir Kumar Sarkar from Manikgonj

20161212_160214-2Those who dream about birds, those who are thoughtful about birds such a pack of young energetic people initiated to create a safe sanctuary for birds in Gangdubi village Ghior Upozilla, Manikgonj. The ones who took the initiative learned the techniques by watching the sanctuary of birds in Dhamrai Thana. BARCIK made it possible for them to observe the bird sanctuary; Barcik has been working on maintaining the balance of nature since the beginning.


A team of 15 young youth watched how to tie up pipkin on the tree branches. They learned that to tie up pipkin just any tree is not good. Only some specific trees are eligible for this process. Among those specific trees are mango tree, doya, gab, bonna and hijur. On the brunches of these trees they tie u the pipkin and  dove, owl, tiye, myna, pigeons, wagtail, heron, crow, kanakuya all these birds find their home in it. They can breed safely in these peaceful homes. They make a hole in at the bottom of those pipkins so that the home doesn’t get flooded. In these homes they are safe from the sun, storm and rain. The juvenile team tied up 35 pipkins on tree brunches to create new homes for birds.

20161212_163431-225x300When asked why this initiative was taken? The representative of those youth Md Anowar Hossain said, “We read in the books and newspaper and watched programs in TV about birds and we also felt like birds are disappearing in our area. We also thought about why they are disappearing?” he also said, “We observed the area and we noticed that the disappearance of trees and rivers and canals made the birds go away because they did not have places to nest. Not having birds also affected our environment. To maintain balance in the environment birds are important and we all know that. That’s why we took the oath to protect the birds.”

In the beginning of winter in Khirai river of Gangdubi lots of local and foreign birds gathered to eat fish. To safeguard all the birds we will go along together and with ‘Gangdubi olli unnoyon jubok shomiti’ took an oath “we will create safe sanctuary for birds, we will not let anyone kill a bird, and we will not hunt them either. We will work so the birds can roam safely.”

Translated by Hasnain Al Morshed


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