Diversity is life, diversity is beautiful

Diversity is life, diversity is beautiful

Silvanus Lamin


In general sense, diversity means the different ‘existence’ and different nature of different life forms on the planet. But BARCIK believes, diversity does not only mean that rather it encompasses the different shapes of both living and non-living subjects and objects, the different in sex, nationalities of humans, their different cultures, occupations, thoughts, ideas as well as their edifices. There exist different life forms and plants in the nature and there is a ‘mystery’ behind their creation and interaction as well. It is true that only humans who possess an outstanding insight can unveil the mystery of this creation though. Bengali scientist Jagodish Chandra Bose possessed that insight that led him to state that “Plants have life”. Humans who can perceive the mystery behind the creation can enjoy the beauty in nature and life and the rhythm and merriness in touch of the nature and non-living things. This leads them to pay tribute and respect all creatures both living and non-living. If we look at the nature we find the existence of many living and non-living subjects and objects. We find there are many different birds and animals and their colors, shape, voice, foods and way of life. They share an intricate relation with each other. Thus if the life of one creation is endangered it impacts on other life forms. The same will be happened in case of numerous plants in the nature. We see many different natural settings such as the sea, the sky, the hills and mountains, the different colors and composition of soils, big and small animals with different colors, shape and way of life and living. We see different flowers, fruits, trees, herbs, bushes, grasses, forest with different structure, size and colors. There is for sure, an ultimate objective behind the creation of all these living and non-living subjects and objects on the earth. Therefore, it is really hard to define diversity and no one has dared to define it with limited scopes. That is why many define diversity in their own way leaving the widow for other to expand it. We even do not find the exact definition of diversity in the dictionaries of different languages! Some say diversity refers to the different creations exist on the earth while other say diversity means the difference in shape and way of life. On the other hand, some say that diversity is the different looks and settings in the nature, while some say diversity means different thoughts, ideas, knowledge and way of life of humans. However, these definitions do not exactly represent the full meaning of diversity as diversity does not only mean that. The room of diversity is more wide-ranging, it has more depth! Actually diversity could never be kept under any definition, described in language but one can only feel it; because including the seen ones there exist many unseen diversity and life forms on this planet. These unseen life forms and diversity perhaps play vital role for the well being of humans and secure humans’ life and livelihood! From this perception, BARCIK through its present and future journey will try to facilitate activities that ensure the survival and co-existence of all life forms and plants on this planet.


Diversity is life

Including humans all living forms on the planet depend on diversity for their survival! This dependency is for food, shelter, medicines, security and for leading sound life. This dependency is also for maturity, for production, for creating new things and for maintaining the way of life. Actually, life will never exist without diversity! Human life still proclaims its existence due to this available diversity in the nature as humans receive oxygen that is needed for survival. We are still possessing sound health having the close touch of the diversity. Due to the existence of mosquito frogs have their foods, snakes are there as frogs are abundant, deer in the Sunderbans walk here and there as Kewra fruits are available and tigers still reign the kingdom of Sunderbans as deer are there! In other words, there exist many insects, pests’ butterflies as well as small living organisms as they have their foods in the nature. We humans still can have good breath as we get oxygen from the trees, we get fishes to consume as there exist many rivers and wetlands and there are numbers of wild animals and plants as there are forests! Thus if we see this from food dependency angle of all life forms we can easily conclude by saying that all life forms depend on each other for their survival. However, these life forms do not depend on each other for foods only but also for a healthy and flourish life cycle. The same is applicable in terms of plants. A big tree harbors the small herb and helps the small herbs to flourish. There also exists a relationship and connectivity among the plants which is not seen otherwise in human eyes! This relationship nonetheless, is very profound. The relationship shared and dependency between animals and plants is very firm and strong.  Many animals take some plants as their foods while many animals play supportive role for the growth and birth of any plant. Thus it obvious that all life forms in the nature be there plants or animals shares a deep and profound relationship among each other. This bondage is very strong, firm and deep. If this diversity does not exist or lost all life forms in the nature will in danger! Actually no life forms could exist without diversity! There is strong relationship and connectivity among all human organs and if one of the organ gets dysfunctional it impacts on the balance of the whole human body. Thus if any minor life form or creation gets died or disappeared it impacts the balance of the whole creation. But it is ironic that we humans for our benefit and interest many times try to destroy the bondage and shatter the co-existence and inter dependency of all life forms in the planet. This has resulted in the decline diversity and disappearance of many life forms and non-living objects. The decline and disappearance of these living and non-living subjects and objects in contrary brings danger for the humans. Thus BARCIK through its different initiatives will try to revive the bondage and harmony in the nature. Because BARCIK believes there is life in diversity and there is rhythm among diversities on the earth


Diversity is invention

Humans get the inspiration to discover, invent and create new things from the diversity in the nature. Whilst the poets and novelists put forward many inspiring life learning through their writing being enthused by overwhelming beauty and life cycle in diverse nature! The beauty in different life forms and their harmonized co-existence in the nature even grab the focus of the artists that reflected in their art works depicting the most amazed and strongest ever bondage among the living and non-living subjects and objects in the nature! They thus inspired people to enjoy the beauty, to lead a harmonized and meaningful inter-dependent life. Thus if there is no diversity on the earth these sorts of life learning lessons, inspiring art works as well as heart-touching writings and invention would never be caught in human sight. It is the diversity in the nature which paves way for creating many more amazing and fantastic invention for humans. On the other hand, the diversity in the knowledge, thoughts, ideas, concepts, skills and perceptions among humans have resulted in the development and formulation of many documents, laws, policies, guidelines, books, prose, features and papers that make the life of humans more dynamic and easy leading! It is to mention that humans learn the art and technique to secure their food security seeing the ants in the nature grasping foods on their arms to store the foods in their residence (holes) or seeing the bees collecting honeys from different flowers to deposit in their hives! Seeing the flying birds in the sky humans get interested to fly and they invented airplanes, observing fishes moving here and there in the deep see humans wish to discover the mystery of the deep sea and they discover submarines. On other hand, experiencing the sunlight during day humans invent different device to light their houses. Humans make different designs of house and buildings seeing the different and diverse nests and homes of the different life forms in the nature. Thus it could be said that if there is no diversity in the nature it would never bring outstanding, amazing and mind-blowing invention and discovery in the world.

BARCIK thus through its journey in development era will try to facilitate to ensure the abundance of biodiversity, extend helping hands towards the blossom of such wonderful creation which play significant role to brighten the life and way of livings of humans!


Diversity is beautiful

The world is so beautiful due to the presence of diversity in the nature! The diversity in animals, plants, humans and the diversity in thoughts and ideas, culture and way of life of humans, plants and animals give an astounding shape of the world. Thus the soft touch of sunlight on the mist wet grasses in the morning, the rain in the rainy season, the smile of shiuly flowers during the autumn and the beauty of banyan trees in the spring really amazes humans and gives them an everlasting pleasure. On the hand, the natural settings such as canals, rivers, seas, mountains and some others do not only fascinate humans but also provide real life-teaching. The solidarity, the integration and relationship among different nationalities and cultures of people show humans the ray of hopes for yearning for an everlasting happiness and joy on earth. This unity, harmony and hopes thus enable humans to conquer the world. The different fishes in the sea & rivers, the diverse animals and plants in the forest, the flying birds in the sky or different colors and shapes of plants, flowers, fruits and other life forms in the nature are sources of merriness and joy for humans. This beauty attracts humans from the time immemorial. On the other hand, there exist different cultures, customs, heritages, musics, lyrics, languages, poetry, verses, values among the human societies. These diversities beautify the human life and give additional pace for searching for endless and eternal happiness. However, one has to have inner intuition, progressive mind and spiritual strength to perceive and feel this beauty in the nature!! It is obvious to say that this beauty and charms get unveiled when the co-existence all life forms including humans in nature is ensured. But since co-existence of these all life forms in the nature has been distracted that is how the beauty and charm in the nature has decreased to some extent.

Hence, BARCIK through its different initiatives will try to ensure that the beauty in the nature is exposed and all life-forms enjoy a successful and harmonized co-existence in the nature.


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