Farmers Get Good Price of Their Crops

Shimul Biswas from Singair, Manikganj

Various types of organic vegetables are being produced at the farmer’s house in Nayabari Adarsha gram of Singair upazila. In near past they sold these vegetable in their local Bayara market. However, most of the time women didn’t get good price as well as the money in the hands. Recently, 15 women of that village become united for selling their products in capital city Dhaka with the help of BARCIK. As per of their unity they have been able to send their products in Dhaka city and sell them with reasonable price. They mentioned that, they are exporting their products value around seven to eight thousand taka per week to Dhaka. It has been found in their register book that, 15 women of the organization have been financially benefited by selling organic products to Dhaka through their organization which worth BDT 1,52,000 (One Lakh Fifty Two Thousand Taka).


This change has been possible for the women with the help of Kamla Begum’s leadership, cooperation and enthusiasm, who happened to be the president of Nayabari Adarsha village Farmers’ Organization. These women cultivate these crops in their homestead and Palan land. Besides, they also rear livestock and produce eggs naturally. In addition, they cultivate various spices around the house. These women due to their unity under the banner of their organization now are able selling their crop in capital city Dhaka every week without intervention of any type of middleman.

“Prakritik Krishi Biponon Kendra” (Natural Agricultural Crop Marketing Center) in Dhaka is the company which buy the organic products of the women. This company sends the price money of the products directly to the women using mobile banking. Thus, the women now enjoy to make proper use of their money that bring welfare for their family.

In the middle of 2016, a coordination meeting was held between “Prakritik Krishi Biponon Kendra” and Nayabari Adarsha village farmers’ organization with the help of BARCIK. Members of the organization visited the “Prakritik Krishi Biponon Kendra” of Dhaka with the help of BARCIK to establish a sales relationship with that marketing center.

On the other hand, representatives of the “Prakritik Krishi Biponon Kendra” came to Nayabari village and organized a friendly meeting with the members of the organization showing eagerness to buy the organic products of women. In the meeting it was decided that Kamla Begum will be responsible to collect the organic products from all the members and will send them to Dhaka once per week. “Prakritik Krishi Biponon Kendra” will bear the cost of sending crops in the Centre. And the price of the product will be determined by the farmers of the organization. All the sales proceeds will be sent to the Kamla Begum’s mobile account. As per the decision, 15 women of Nayabari Adarsha village Farmers’ group started sending regular products to the “Prakritik Krishi Biponon Kendra”.


One day of each week, each member brings their organic products to Kamla Begum’s house. All of them determine the price of the products. Kamala Begum packets the crops in their indigenous way. The products are then sent through a contracted CNG auto rickshaw to Dhaka. Kamla Begum has been maintaining and updating the register book on regular basis to ensure that each member of the organization get their just price of their products. She paid the price of the each member’s products following the register book. This system was initially operated by BARCIK. But currently the group is controlling by themselves.

However, the president of the organization Kamala Begum said, “The demand of pesticides free food is increasing now a day in the urban areas although such demand is not seen in our local market. So, we altogether collect pumpkin, sweet pumpkin, chichanganga, banana, brinjal, papaya, ladies finger, kakrol, dhundal, zhinga, puishak, lalshak, coriendar, methishak, gourd spinach, dhekishak, mocha of banana, kachurlatti, barbecue, country chicken, native eggs, gab, grapefruit, shapala and potato in a one place and send them to Dhaka. By this, we get higher price than our local village market.”

On the other hand, Farmer Jayatun Begum said, “Now we get taka with our own hand. So, we can spend as much as we want.” Farmer Rahela Begum said, “We can meet our children’s demand when we have our own money.”

Delwar Hossain, director of the “Prakritik Krishi Biponon Kendra” said about the organic products supplied by Nayabari Adarsha village farmers’ group that, “The work of this group has a sense of transparency and responsibility.They maintain sales relations through regular contact with us. So, it is important for more entrepreneurs like Nayabari Adarsha village Farmers’ group to come forward to provide safe food to the people of the country.”


Translated by Bahauddin Bahar

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