Bangladesh has thousands problems but millions possibilities- Swedish MPs

14The Swedish Parliament Members Janes Holm and Nushi Dadgostar and Stockholm County Council Member Mohibul Ezdani Khan visited BARCIK’s works and different programs of Manikganj Zila Parishad at Nayabari village under Baira union in Singair upazila and talked with the beneficiaries on Wednesday.


“We come to Bangladesh to learn about consequences of Climate Change. We have lots of impression about Bangladesh. It has thousands problems but millions possibilities belonging within the people.” Thus Swedish MP (member of parliament) Mr. Jenes Holm expressed his purpose of visiting Bangladesh.


The visitors visited BARCIK’s Manikganj field areas along with Stcokholm County Council Member Mr. Mohidul Ezdani Khan (who is a Non-residence Bangladeshi). In the morning they had a meeting with Zilla Parishad of Manikganj to explore the of environment related role of Zilla Parishad. They also wanted to know what sorts of operations they Zilla Parishad run to contribute in addressing problems of the people as well as assisting them in improving their livelihood.


The chairman of Zilla Parishad told them that the objective of the Parishad is to help people improving their livelihood through different low cost initiative. The Parishad chairman also told the visitors that the Parishad prepare road, provide computer, tailoring and others trainings to the  people, provide yearly stipends to the poor and meritorious students and does campaign against earlt marriage, dowry and drugs.


Learning the activities of the Parishad the visiors wish to run waste management and bio-gash plant in near future collaboration with Zilla Parishad. After the meeting with the Zilla Parishad the visitors visited ‘Noyabari Krishok-Krishani Songothon’ and farmer Ibrahim Mian’s environment friendly initiatives to ease climate change impacts. He initiates climate change resilience related activities based on agriculture and homestead gardening. He farms different types of vegetable and plants different types of local varieties of wooden, fruits and medicinal plants on his 150 decimal of lands.


The visitors were very impressed visiting and seeing the diversity in the house of Ibrahim Mian. They also through intensive interaction with him learn regarding the farmers’ organization and the activities of the organization to promote farmers’ rights as well as to raise their voice for having better access to government and private services and facilities.


Having the visitors in their areas farmers and villagers were very pleased and welcomed and entertained the visitors with flowers. The greeting was also heartfelt which made the visitors felt at home during their visit. To this end, the villagers offered them local fruits and asked them to share their concerns about Bangladesh. In addition, the visitors were very much pleased with the BARCIK’s activities, which places the community people in the heart of the whole activities and provides platform to them for raising their voice and concerns. The visitors assured that when return home they will share their learning with and BARCIK’s works with other through their works.

Report prepared by Bahauddin Bahar and edited by Silvanus Lamin


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