The youth community beside the helpless Dalit population in Corona

The youth community beside the helpless Dalit population in Corona

Syed Ali Biswas from Dhaka
Corona appeared in the form of an epidemic in front of people all over the world today. None of us are free from the effects of this. At this point, the need is to maintain physical distance, not social, to keep yourself and others safe. People all over the world are trying to kill. In the epidemic coronation, thousands of people have lost their lives in the meantime, millions of people have been killed in the attack. To address this horrific situation, families, societies, states are repeatedly saying that they should stay safely at home.


In this situation, all those low-income people who eat day in and day out are in an extreme food crisis. Because of their daily income, the family needs daily food. The government has repeatedly said that there is enough food in the market, prices are within reach; But what is lacking in the current situation is the lack of work – the purchasing power of the product. Under these circumstances, Dalit people, especially in the city, are living in extreme uncertainties, including the food crisis, in a state of disrepair. Considering the unbearable situation of the Dalit, elderly and differently-abled people of the city, despite the hundreds of risks for humanitarian reasons, some people have stood by themselves as much as possible.


Netrokona Consolidated Youth Society – With the support of BARCIK, Netrokona’s income is reaching out to unemployed unemployed Dalits, elderly and differently-abled people. As well as soap, hand sanitizer and other information needed to stay safe and secure, the information and advice needed to stay safe. On April 1, under the supervision of Netrokona Education Culture and Diversity Study Committee Professor Nazmul Hasan and Member Secretary and journalist Alpana Begum, with special permission from Netrokona Honorable Deputy Commissioner Moin-Ul Islam, especially members of the Youth community, Abu Hyder Rony, Partha Pratim, Mithun, Tapoti Sharma, Abdur Rob doing their these jobs with their own responsibility in Netrokona Municipality area distributed 5 kg of rice, 2 kg potatoes, 1 kg lentils, 1 liter of oil, 1 kg salt and soap to the house. At the same time, hand sanitizers were distributed among the members of the youth community in the Netrokona area by members of the youth community. Under the supervision of the Director of Dhaka Office, the overall operation has been coordinated by BARCIK Netrokona Resource Center’s Coordinator Ohidur Rahman and Khadija Akhter Lita has been assisted.

Doing these work is extremely risky at the present time, considering the risks of COVID-19, we have sent the message, “Don’t be afraid, be careful, all the time, without having to gather all the caution, keeping your safety as safe as possible without taking into account the humanitarian situation.” We are on your side. ” It is to be noted that during the overall support process of BARCIK, the organization of ‘Netrokona Sammilito Youth Society’ and ‘Educational Culture Diversity Study Committee’ was formed in the Netrokona area.

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