The green campus of the coast

Mananjay Mondal from Shatkhira

The importance of trees is immense to keep environmental balance. It keeps all life on earth alive by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. When the entire world has taken a position to fight one of the most featured topics of current day climate change by planting more trees, at the same time a dazzling example was created of foresting by Aturia Abdul Kader School and College. Situated in the south east coastal district of Shatkhira, Aturia Abdul Kader School and College is in the Shyamnagar Upozilla, no 10 Aturia Union. It was established by the late Chairman G M Abdul Kader in 1995. After establishment the authority of the organization decided to plant trees in order to make a green campus. Due to short budget and lack of initiative it was not possible to make the whole campus green, though.


Through Sunderbans student’s solidarity team and BARCIK’s regular field work and coordination at that school and college the proposal of making a green campus arisen. Later, a coalition decision of making the green campus was taken. Shyamnagar Upozilla Samajik Bonayan Kendra, Atulia UP, Aturia Abdul Kader School and College and the Sunderban student’s solidarity team jointly participated on planning and other necessary steps were taken as advice. There were some mahogany, neem and guava trees at the campus from before. At first the college organization funded BDT 70,000 to fence the surroundings of the campus. On this matter the principal of Aturia Abdul Kader School and College Shubhash Chandra Mondal said, “For making the green campus I want to thank BARCIK and Sunderbans student’s soliderity team. The helpfulness and sincerity of the Union Parishad and the forest department inspired us to make the campus green.”

To reduce global warming there is no alternative of trees. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is the key essential element for life. To protect life on earth we all should take foresting seriously. Along with suitable lands all the organizations premises and grounds should be under forestation projects. And we collect renewable/green energy from trees. To introduce the new generations with trees and to make them realize the importance of trees the coastal campus was made green.


About the green campus Shyamnagar upozilla forest officer M M Mizanur Rahman said, “There are no alternatives to trees for our survival. To protect life, nature and to make a beautiful world we have to plant more trees. Especially in schools and college students should be taught and involved in the process of making the world green in order to make a loving bond between them and the nature.”
BARCIK collected tree and plant seedling with the objective to make the green campus. The opening of the green campus project took place recently at Aturia Abdul Kader School and College campus with the slogan, “trees for life and the living”. Shyamnagar Upozilla shamajik bonayon Kendra, Atulia UP, Aturia Abdul Kader School and College and the Sunderban student’s solidarity team jointly planted herb, fruit, wild and ornamental trees of 500 different species like mango, guava, coconut, olive, almond, lemon, corn meal, mahogany, neem, kadam, shelly, krishnochura, bokul, rose, gondhoraj, rongon etc. the beautiful flower garden in front of the college foundation, lines of plants surrounding the college ground, ornamental beautiful kadam and krishnochura in front of the main gate, herbs and fruit trees surrounding the pond made the college campus green and eye soothing.

The chairman of the Aturia Union and the president of Aturia Abdul Kader School and College Abu Saleh Babu said, “Every one of us should plant trees at least twice each year. Each tree planted today resembles as a statement of the future. When we get old our children help us, just like that trees can also help us financially in future. The college campus has become green after fulfilling all the gaps with trees.”

To forge a livable green world this green campus is a dazzling example. To secure life and nature and to preserve renewable energy all the organizations of the country should take initiative to make a green campus of their own. That’s how it would be possible to fight the effects of climate change.

Translated by Hasnain Al Morsehd

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