The bravery of Jhirina Munda

Jhirina Munda, a young woman among the indigenous community in Rajshahi. She lives in Bonapar village of Noagona under greater Rajshahi. Coming from a poor family, alike other poor people Jhirina also has to struggle for attaining education. Many times she faced lot of hindrances to run her study but she never loses hope, she keeps continuing her education through her hard work. In order to run her education Jhirina Munda work as day labor to maintain the expense of her education. It is her hard work and determination that enables her to score GPA-5 in the Higher Secondary School Certificate exams (HSC). However, learning the hard work, determination and will of Jhirina Munda to enlighten herself, BARCIK provided her a minimum support so that she could continue her study and attain higher education.


However, with the support she gets from BARCIK, Jhirina Munda is now a university student. Having the support from BARCIK enables her to get enroll in the university. Jhirina Munda, does not forget what she gets from BARCIK and others. Thus as part of her gratitude, she continues to supports and encourages other poor and deprived boys and girls to be firm and determine for receiving education. She said, “After the completion of my SSC exams my family members wanted me to get married as they could not continue to bear my educational expenses. So, I try to find out alternatives on how I could arrange all the expenses by myself.” She went on saying, “For sake of my study, I started to work in the field during the off day of the school. Seeing my determination, BARCIK extended helping hands towards me by supporting me to continue my study. Now I am a university student. I am grateful to BARCIK for its support.”

It is mention that BARCIK provided support to Jhirina Munda with the objective to support her continue her study, motivate the indigenous community and become an inspiration for the poor and deprived boys and girls in her community. Jhirina Munda is approaching to meet the objective!

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