Moyna Rani, Hawa Akhter and Shamsunnahar received Joyeeta award

Moyna Rani of Satkhira and Hawa Akhter and Samsunnahar of Netrakona recently received “Joyeeta Award” an award provided by the government for only the women for their contribution in women empowerment and socio-economic development.

Moyna Rani received this award for her contribution in inventing, expanding the use and make up of environment friendly oven. Moyna Rani received the award on 21 December from the district commissioner of Satkhira in an event escorted by many renowned people and big names. This woman has not only invented and practiced the oven but also trained other women so that they could use the woven to reduce pressure on fuel and reduce smoke during cooking. Including this Moyna Rani has received some other awards from the government, non-government and other organizations. Moyna Rani has been involved in the development works and facilitation of BARCIK for a long time.


On the other hand, Hawa Begum of Swarmusia village and Shamsunnahar of Matikata village of Netrakona received this award from the UNO of Atpara recently. Hawa Begum got this award for her contribution in the empowerment process of women including income generating activities while Shamsunnahar received it for her social works and good mother. Hawa Begum has been involved in different social, cultural and economic activities. With the objective to empower women, she formed Habada organization in 2006. Under this organization, women do handicraft works with bamboo cane and sell in the market that earn them financial solvency. Presently she acts as vice president of BARCIK project management and monitoring committee.

On the other hand, Shamsunahar also has been involved in different social works. She formed “Organic women farmer group” with the objective to encourage women practicing sustainable agriculture that allows them to have their own seeds and fertilizers. Under her leadership, the members of the organization train farmer on preparing organic manure and pesticides. They also exchange seeds, materials to other farmers so that they could have their own seeds for cultivation. Thus adopting sustainable agriculture Shamsunnahar has earned economic solvency.

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