Let’s love the elderly and especially able people

Let’s love the elderly and especially able people

Maruf Hossain Milon from Satkhira


Sundarban Students Solidarity Team is a well-known youth organization in the coastal region. The team, which is comprised of a group of youth students in Shyamnagar area, has been doing development work in society and culture. They are constantly standing beside underprivileged students, irrespective of caste, women, gender, youth, children, adolescents, elderly and differently able people for creating a prosperous happy society. Sometimes they do the blood donation, provide free education aids, human chain, a press conference for social issues or and sometimes they collect money on the street for helping a patient, or sometimes they save their mobile expenses or tiffin money and help the needy people. Now they have become addicted for social work. Team members have different types of initiatives to dispel various types of inequality of society. The youth members of the Sundarban Students’ Solidarity Team took the initiative to organize an exception ceremony.

On 14 February, on the occasion of Valentine Day, the Sundarban Students’ Solidarity Team and BARCIK organized a special exceptional event. At around 10 am, they organized an event named ‘Story of Love’ inside the Gopalpuri Park in Shyamnagar. As a part of this kind of humanitarian initiative for the people, for life, elderly women and men and especially able people of Shyamnagar were present in that event.


Besides, senior adviser of the Sundarban Student Solidarity Team Sheikh Sirajul Islam, President Maruf Hossain Milon, BARCIK’s Partha Sarthi Pal, Bidhan Madhu, Mannjoy Mandal and Shefali Parvin were also present on the occasion. The event becomes joyful with dance, song, comedy and acting. On that valentine day, the elderly and especially able people shared their life story by highlighting the kind of love, affection and different disadvantages of their life. Finally, everyone is served various types of diverse food.

In addition to their studies, the expectation of the Sundarban Students’ Solidarity team is a diverse and pluralistic society will be established through the implementation of social development, humanitarian initiatives and exceptional arrangements.

translated by Bahauddin Bahar

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