Health camps for the health care of the elders organized by youth

Ishaque uddin from Netrokona

According to one study, 7.0 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is elderly (Those over sixty years old)The growing old population is a fundamental issue for the world and every country. At the moment elderly of Bangladesh faces three challenges, Which are deeply influenced by one another. Firstly, most of the elderly are extremely endangered and victims of poverty. Secondly, due to economic reasons, family relocates several times. As a result, the traditional joint family tradition gradually breaks down. Thirdly, access to the elderly in government services is very limited. Government service activities in the current system unable to meet the needs of the citizens. As a result, the elderly are forced to take help from the informal sources; Which is in no way guaranteeing the normal living and security of him. The breakdown of a joint family is changing the social structure of a single-family And weakening the source of traditional family support. As a result, the elders are forced to think about alternate arrangements.


To establish the rights of the country’s senior citizen and family, society and state-owned services and ensure access to older people in the pro services `Bangladesh Prabin Hiteshi Sangha` have been working on various types of advocacy activities with representatives and policymakers for many days, there. As well as the National Prabin Hiteshi Sangha providing health care for poor, helpless and deprived elderly people in the remote areas with the help of District level Prabin Hiteshi Sangha. In this continuation, “old men are not our burden, wealth” In front of this slogan, on Tuesday, July 4th, 2017, Netrokona district’s Prabin Hiteshi Sangha, and in association with BARCIK `Adi Drama group organization’ of Singer Bangla organized a whole day free healthcare camp for the poor and helpless elders in Krishnogovinda High School, Singher Bangla. In the day-to-day health camp, the Krishnogovinda High School scout team and young members of the Adi Natya group voluntarily provide full support. In the day-to-day healthcare camp, the prescription and advice is provided to 79 (women 50 and male 29) elderly along with measuring the measurement of BMI (Body Mass Index), high blood pressure and diabetes. According to the prescribed prescription, small amount of free medicines was distributed free of cost to patients.


In addition to elderly in Health Camp, a number of poor women of different villages are provided treatment according to preferential. The health camp starts at 11.00 am and ends at 3.00 pm. As a result of Health Camp, 79 deprived poor elderly and rural women of 8 villages (Singher Bangla, Kashipur, Kandulia, Vadrapara, Narayanpur, Sayedpur, Bahirchapara, Sholpur of Lion’s Bangla Union have been able to develop their health by getting free health care and medicines. They have been able to get free specialist doctor’s advice and prescriptions.

This great initiative is widely acclaimed by the general population of the area. The general population and elders of the area demanded to organize an eye care camp. In view of the demand of the people of the area, the district Parabin Hitaishi Sangha assured to organize eye care camp for the elderly. With the help of this health camp, the rural elderly have been able to get some health care.

translated by Bahauddin Bahar

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