It is Important to Save Diversity for Human Existence

Barind Region Representative

The Barind region of northwestern Bangladesh is a unique heritage of the diversity of wildlife and multiculturalism. Here is the residence of different ethnicity and coexistence of life and nature. From the primitive era, historical Varendra region has changed in various forms of disaster. But, the people of this region have also taken initiative to protect it. The youth are always playing the pioneering role in protecting this diversity.

3History states that this region has bloomed with a lot of self-reliance. But in recent times, forms and diversity of Varendra have reduced alarmingly. The regional shock of climate change has hit the agrarian population of this region. Likewise, there has been a serious impact on health, education, culture, and diversity. The language, education, public knowledge and diversity of the various ethnic groups have lost day by day. As a result, the sustainable development of marginalized people has become more contraindicated. In this context, the representatives of the youth organizations have organized conference 2017 recently with BARCIK for demanding sustainable development through protecting the diversity of the Barind region.


On Thursday (December 7, 2017) 32 participants from 32 different organization from various village and city are organized a day-long Varendra Youth Conference at Rajshahi District Art Academy. The theme of the conference is “Wake up youth, Wake up life: To protect Education, Culture, Diversity Climate and Green Energy” for the integrated development of Barind region. In this slogan, people of different classes and occupations, including researchers, teachers, development workers, government and non-government officials, peasants, fishermen, cultural personalities are participated and expressed their views and demands.

Avijit Roy, Assistant professor Department of Anthropology of Rajshahi University said, “To survive our lives, it is important to save diversity. It is not possible to develop the development of that society, country or region, without the cultural and cultural diversity of any region or country”. He also said,” Though some developments seem to be a big development in the eyes of the development, if there is no initiative to protect the diversity of the development, then there is a possibility to occur crisis of population.


On the other hand, Assistant professor of Folklore Department of Rajshahi University. Amirul Islam Kanak said in his article, “Geographically is a terrible country in our country. The Himalaya Mountains, about 400 kilometers away from Bangladesh, and the Bay of Bengal are adjacent to us. On one hand, the disaster of the salt water, and the disaster of ice, and how many disasters in us. In the meantime, our Barind region is a special area. “He thinks people’s opinions should be given more importance in the development of the Barind region.

In the day-long conference, the youth present their work experience. With the advice of experienced, the planning of the future will be decided. At the conference, the youth demanded the protection of natural water reservoirs, including the high lowlands of the Barind region, canal creek, bills, ponds and river in the area. They demanded the protection of green energy including education, culture, diversity and water supply in Barind region of Bangladesh. At the same time, they expressed his conviction to do these activities.


Before the conference began; the youths opened an inaugural rally. The rally starts from the Shilpakala Academy, heading the main road of the city, and again at the District Shilpakala Academy. During the day-long conference, there is also a diverse cultural program of the Barind region like dances, Gemvara (traditional musical drama of Barind region), plays and music etc.

At the same time, the youth inaugurated first regional tree Olympiad held in Rajshahi in the world. On the other hand, young organizations named ‘0.6 GRZ’ organized a Special Cycle Stunt to persuade the mass reducing the fossil fuel dependent energy use and energy dependence. Folk poet Afaz Uddin recited the poem about the nature and diversity of the Barind region.

Convener of the Barind Youth Conference convener Md Ujjal Hossain delivered the welcome speech on the occasion. BARCIK Barind Zone Coordinator Shahidul Islam present the Concept Paper of the conference. President of Varendra Education Culture Diversity Center Jawad Ahmed Rafi, General Secretary of Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce Sekendar Ali, President of Save Nature and Life Society Mizanur Rahman take speech on the occasion. The day-long program was performed by youngsters like Devshri, Akhi, Arnica, and Moushumi.

Translated by Bahauddin Bahar

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