Fish bank: A Safe Heaven for fishes

By Parha Sarothi Pual from Satkhira

‘Safe heaven for fishes’ is an exceptional initiative taken by the community people in coastal area Shymnagar of Satkhira district. The community people ensure the survival of fish mother in this ‘safe heaven’ which the called “Fish Bank” so hey take initiative to ensure safe heaven for fish with objective to revive the local varities of fish in tthat they could safely stay there and give birth to new fishes.

The pioneer of this initiative is Koikhali Molickpara IMP farmers club. The members of this organization during the dry season (November-December) repair the ponds ensuring enough water in those ponds. After repairmen and water intrusion they lay down fishes, particularly Mother fish into the ponds. This time they do not collect or hunt fishes in the ponds. Through this bank they also create friendly environment for fish breeding. By doing this, they also ensure that no one could enter into the ‘safe heaven’ and catch fishes.

Safe heaven

However, during the rainy season when the water flow is normal as usual they connect the ponds (Fish Bank) where safe heaven for fishes is created with the canal, beel and rivers. The fishes which stay in the pond for the entire dry season then have the opportunity to move into rivers, canals and other water bodies. The Mother fishes thus get survived and during the breeding season they could breed in the open water bodies. Since fish catching is prohibited during this time that is why the Mother fish gets the opportunity to breed safely which increases both the diversity and numbers of local varieties in the open water bodies. Nonetheless, due to this exceptional initiative the numbers of Koi, Soul, Tengra, Magur, Shing, Latha and puti, the local varieties of fishes have increased in the region.

It is to mention that due to shrimp cultivation and rapidly catching the pregnant fishes the availability of local fish varieties in the area is going to be extinct.

Translated by Silvanus Lamin

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