We want to build a green earth

Happy Roy from Netrokona

“They cut down all trees, now how I make medicine?” It was a popular advertisement in our media telecasted in the recent past. A kabiraj (Traditional healer) did not find a certain tree in the forest; stand beside the jungle and said these words. This advertisement was for promoting and inspiring people to plant trees, as well as make people realizing the necessity of the tree. Nevertheless, it seemed that people were not so much aware regarding the importance of tree during that time. If they were aware our country would never lost its forest and be posed to climate change induced risks. People are cutting down trees for their own needs and distorted forest for their comfortable life living. Thus, our environment is warming day by day. In order to get survived in this changed circumstance we must plant trees and have to learn adaptive strategies.

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There is a common slogan in our country that “if you cut down one tree, in exchange plant two trees.” But nobody follows this. However, learning the importance of trees for human survival as well as realizing the necessities of trees Lakkhiganj High school students of Netrakona plant Haritoki and Bohera trees on the fallow lands of school premises, roadside and main road. A local club named ‘Bondhu Mohol’ and authority of school took this initiative with the help of BARCIK.

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Realizing the importance of trees for environment and human survival a standard ten student Ashim Kumar, said, “We are the new generation, so we are dreaming of golden future. We want to build a green earth. Now it is the rainy season, the perfect time for planting a tree.  School is our life; we spend all the day here.” He went on saying, “We have been studying for five years in this school. Every classroom, playground- all is our own. Next year we will sit for S.S.C. examination. Then will get admitted into a college. We will not come to this school regularly but our memories will be here. So today we plant trees and these plants will grow up one day. Our next generation will come here to study, they will take care of these plants and they will remember our contribution.”

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Head of the school A.T. M. EKhlasur Rahman, Assistant head teacher and other teachers were present in the tree plantation moment. Students of standard ten and school cabinet played an active role to plant these trees. They dig holes, plant trees and made fence around to protect the planted trees.

Translated by Bahauddin Bahar

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