Students are the active Social actors

Silvanus Lamin::

Students can contribute in building a nice and peaceful world through utilizing their innovations, zeal and strengths by actively get themselves involved in the process that leads to the solution of the existing social problems. Students are energetic and have the potentiality and creativity to make a positive difference in the society and state if they are properly use!

Students are social beings and therefore, they have to perform their duties properly prior to ask for facilities and services from society and state. The projects ensure students’ participation in the community issues. The cooperation of their teachers is also crucial in this regard. There had been lot of instances in the past where student played vital role in social reformation. The instances included: liberation war, language movement and fight for democracy etc. However, the modern coaching center based and commercial education system has somehow detached them from their very role in society. Thus Students are now very much self-centered and selfish. They spend hectic days to please their parents and teachers by scoring highest marks in the exams. No time for them to retreat and think about their role in the society. It is not a long time ago that when community people would come to the teachers and students for the solution of their problems. Teachers and students were social actors and held a respectable position in the society not only for providing education but also for their social responsibilities.

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