Students are protecting the environment by saving their lunch money

Shamim Ahmed and Parboti Rani Singh

The young students of Mangalsiddha have vowed to make their village a green village. By saving their lunch money and with the help of other people they are voluntarily buying and planting trees of different local varieties in front of everyone’s house. They are choosing the fruit, herbal and wild trees which are scarce in their area.

tifin-300x170The youth of Mangalsiddha village has an organization named ‘Kadamtoli youth organization’. The members of this organization are taking initiatives to balance the environment, fulfilling nutrients, to ensure health related consciousness, to preserve the wildlife and on other different social issues to protect their social and natural life. They are saving lunch money and taking help from others who can help to plant trees all over the village is their prime agenda on protecting the environment. The youth organization is taking various steps to the development of their area. They are trying to protect the culture and trying to make people conscious about their issues. Along with their activities another female youth organization called ‘Sripur curious juvenile organization’ who is trying to create a favorable environment for the youth women. Welcoming this effort of the youths the educational organizations lend a hand to help and they collected 8 kinds of fruit and 2 kinds of herbal trees by saving 10 taka per head of 350 student’s lunch money.


The climate is changing very fast. To cure this change in climate world famous and local government and nongovernment environmental organizations and the sister organizations of the UN has taken lots of initiatives worldwide. The government of Bangladesh is also conscious on this environmental issue. The Government of Bangladesh is working on to increase adaptability and the capability of the local people area wise in order to adapt with the change as well as to slow down the process of climate change.

By saving their own lunch money to plant trees this young people would not make a radical difference. But they made a little change in order to reach the people of various range to make a consciousness among them about the necessity of trees and why we should plant them. They were able to reach the information that it’s important to keep a variety of different kinds of trees when planting trees. And their thoughts and initiatives spread through the 350 students of Mangalsiddha S.M. High School.

Translated by Hasnain Al Morshed

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