Patnitala declared as safe haven for wildlife

Shahidul Islam from Rajshahi

The UNO (Upazila Nirbahi Officer) of Patnitala sub-district of Noagoam district has recently declared the area completely safe for the local wildlife and birds. Along with strict supervision and enforcement of anti-poaching laws, he also heads the dynamic Diverse Wildlife Preservation Committee of the area, a highly active group of the region comprised mainly by the youth population. This official statement came at the World Environment Day programme arranged by BARCIK which has been applauded by the general public, including the mayor, Md. Rezaul Kabir.


The most important initiatives initiated in this area towards the preservation of wildlife are taken by the youth. They have not only prevented poaching of birds in the area, but with the help of local authorities, they have successfully raised awareness in order to stop hunting. Failure to comply with these rules result in handing over criminals to the police. They have also tried to preserve as much of the vegetation and trees in the area. These efforts have been formally recognised by the authorities as the declaration of statement to declare Patnitala as a safe resort for wildlife. The people working to preserve this wildlife have cordially joined hands with BARCIK to double the efforts and increase awareness among local people in the area to protect this stockpile of national treasure.

Translated by Adit Naryan Adhikary




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