Monirul’s dream comes true

Gazi Al Imran From Sathira

Sundarban Student’s Solidarity Team (SSST), a youth organization in the coastal region in Satkhira recently provide a wheel chair to physically challenged Monirul on the occasion of World Disabled Day-2016 with the objective to help him attending school daily.

However, Monirul’s father is an announcer and his mother is day laborer. Being stricken by poverty his parents could not always manage their times to get him going to school daily and they could not also tell him to stop going to school as Monirul is very eager to be an educated person.  But it is quite impossible for his parents to bring him school by van or other vehicles by stopping their daily activities. Thus, in spite of getting enrolled in a school Monirul’s education is almost stopped due to his inability to attend school regularly.


Monirul is elder among two children of his poor parents. Monirul has a dream to be an enlightened person in future. This leads him to be willing to go to school regularly with his friends. According to his teachers, Monitul is meritorious student as well. Due to not being able to attend school every day like his friends many times Monirul is found to be upset and not playing and chatting with his friends. Nonetheless, learning the case of Monirul the youths of Sunderbans Students’ Solidarity Team (SSST) communicate with BARCIK and apply for a wheel chair for Monirul. Based on their application BARCIK managed a wheel chair helped the youths to handover it to Monirul on the occasion of Disabled Day-2016 where people of different walks were present.

Getting this wheel chair Monirul became very happy thinking that now he can go to school every day. Monirul’s mother said that, “This gift is most valuable wealth for him. It will help him to move in his entire life.” The head teacher of his school said that, “Now Monirul never misses the classes. He will able to come to school along with his classmates.”

Translated by Baha Uddin Bahar


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