Diversity strengthens the interdependent relationship among all life forms

Silvanus Lamin

The interdependent relationship among all life forms; be them humans, plants and animals widely relies on the abundance of diversity. This interdependence gets rooted and stronger through the exchanges of widely available diversity among all life forms. Having fruits and flowers birds and other insects go the plants and consume these fruits for survival and, in the same time these insects and birds play direct role in the growth and birth of these plants through metabolism process; thus this way, diversity gets flourished. On the other hand, there exist different small species of plants and animals in the forests and these plants and animals depend on each other for their growth, progress and survival. The bees for instance, go to different types of trees to collect honey and humans collect the honeys from beehives; this way an interdependent relationship gets developed among bees, trees and humans. Whilst, the fishermen go the rivers for fishing and they depend on potters and handcrafters to get the elements (baskets, trap, mud made pots,) for fishing, in the same way, the potters and handcrafters go the fishermen for fishes. This way, a meaningful interdependent relationship developed among them.


While humans to humans interdependent relationship gets developed through exchanging of the nature’s rudiments such as medicines, foods, fruits, flowers, woods and other important things for their survival with each other. Thus we see, farmers go to fishermen for fish and fishermen remember farmers for rice and vegetable. Each life form on the earth depends on other life forms to perform its life and livelihood cycle properly. Without this interdependent relationship any type of all life form could hardly get survived!

On the other hand, humans possess diversified knowledge, skills, experience and understanding and this diversity in their knowledge and skills has significant implication in the reliance of others on them. Thus to understand about laws one has to interact with lawyers, for climate change one has to go to climate experts, about food production one has to meet a farmers, about gender one has to learn from gender experts and about various knowledge and skills one has to interact people with different expertise and knowledge. Thus if analyzed in deeper sense, we see diversity in humans, plants and other life forms has an important impacts on the embellishment and development of strong and firm interdependent relation among all life forms. In the same time, the interdependent relationship shared among all life forms boosts the abundant diversity in the nature. Thus rich diversity strengthens the interdependent relationship among all life forms as the frequent exchange takes place.

Hence, it could be said that one cannot imagine the strong interdependent relationship among all life forms without diversity and in the same time without frequent inter-exchange and interdependent relationship among all life forms diversity can never proclaim its rich existence.

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