A three month certificate course on “People led Diversity and Development”

Course duration

3 months (Course work 30 days. The first 15 days of the course will be held in BARCIK Netrakona Centre.

Field work

Field work will be for one month and one month for report preparation, presentation and content development for publishing in journals). The field works and subject based courses will be started during report preparation.

After the completion of subject based courses in 15 days in Netrakona, the applicants will be asked (Based on their choice) to get stationed in haor area (Netrakona), Coastal and the Sunderban area (Satkhira), Barind tract (Rajshahi/Chapai) and flood plain area (Manikgonj) where they will continue their course being involved with 5 households. Staying those areas the applicants will learn the relationship of these people with the soil, water, environment, diversity and nature of the areas. They will also learn the story on how these people (Emphasizing on both different ages of women and men) uphold their existence having intricate relationship with the nature. In addition, the applicants will try to perceive and understand how these people see changes society and nature, the relationship among households, how these people treat their relationship with soil, water, trees, herbs, animals, pests and other microbes and how these people see and analyze the development process. After the completion of initial course work specific subject for thesis will be finalized based on the choice of as well as discussion with the applicants. Besides, during the field works in certain areas, the applicants also will try know the application of right to information act-2009 including the effectiveness of other acts. Besides, they will have also to eye on the state of government different services and assistances in the areas.

Course and Research works facilitation

The course and research works will be facilitated by “A group of teachers” comprised renowned different universities’ teachers, group of researchers, experienced farmers, fishermen, traditional healers, Mouwal and indigenous community who are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable on their perspective fields and subjects.

Course Fee

10,000 (Ten thousands Taka) which will be spent for 15 days ‘stay’ in Netrakona for as tuition fee, foods and research works. The applicants will bear all the expenses (Travel and food) during their research works in certain areas. However, BIAS will assist the applicants to get any accommodation from guest house/hostel if available in the research areas of the applicants.


Graduation in any subject and age should be under 30 years old. Educational qualification for indigenous community and women is considerable.

Start of the course

The course will be started from 1st September, 2015. The last deadline for registration is 20th August, 2015.

For detail contact

Bahauddin Bahar

Course coordinator, BIAS

House-253, Road-1 Belayet Hossein Khan road

Porra, Manikgonj

01947 523 335, email: [email protected]

BARCIK Institute of Applied Studies (BIAS)

(An initiative of BARCIK for facilitating social, cultural and applied education)

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