Honesty, Association and Conflict

Pavel Partha, from BARCIK, Dhaka

  1. Integrity is a ‘noun’ in the Bengali dictionary. In the dictionary published by Bangla Academy, the meaning of Integrity is Justice and good character and good character refers to honesty. Some said that honesty is the best policy while others define honesty as the collective good quality of humans. There are many examples and practices of honesty in both Bengali and Indigenous people’s societies. However, in most of the societies, people while mentioning the example of honesty they tend to ‘place’ poor people up front saying that in spite of being poor these poor people remain honest by returning back the assets and properties they occasionally find or depict the instance from religious books!However, Bangladesh is diverse country with unique history, geography and civilization. It is located in the downstream of Himalaya. The rivers of upstream all flow over Bangladesh and get cascaded in the Bay of Bengal.Bangladeshi people have been practicing river and water related cultures for thousands of years where the basis of honesty, sincerity and integrity got its root and foundation leading most of the people of Bangladesh to be honest human beings.Thus in spite of natural disasters and adversities and man-made disasters, Bangladeshi people still have the scope to sing song, work hard to produce crops and extend helping hands to each other. The social and family bondage of these people is very strong! Few people are responsible for creating instability in the society. These wicked people want to control everything in their hands for their own happiness and interest by adopting unfair means and being involved in corruption. However, in the long run these people could not triumph rather they are neglected and not respected by all. Most of the citizens of Bangladesh work hard to establish a corruption free Bangladesh. They love Bangladesh and want contribute for its progress and development! Thus they fight against the wicked people, against corruption and against the lie. The truth at last triumphs!

  1. Meena Begum (45) earns her livelihood begging alms in the railway station in Sanatahar station of Bagura. She lives near the station with her two kids. She found a vanity bag in one compartment of Padmarag train on 22 July, 2013 early in the morning. There was almost BDT 70 thousands inside the vanity bag along with few cosmetics! She handed over the vanity bag to the station master Dewan Shahidul of the junction. It was learnt that the robbers robbed the bag from a passengers whose destination in Dinajpur. However, the honesty of Meena Begum got published titled “Honesty of Beggar” in the newspaper in the following day! In the website of Bangladesh teachers forum it is illustrated that honesty is best virtue of humans and it is very important in our life. Student Tamim Rahman who studies in Qatar in his column titled “Truth and Honesty” published in Banglanews24 wrote “In order to establish peace, security and discipline in our society, we should surrender ourselves to Honesty”. Every religion in the world focuses and emphasizes on honesty. Nonetheless, in our society we have several times found the role of poor people to attain and practice honesty in their lives but seldom have we found any ‘honest work’ of loan defaulters, politicians and influential persons. It is the reality in our society. The influential persons will encroach the wetlands, will take loans from the bank without return, the will burn people in the factories and slums, they will slice the hills and will do some other misdeeds for their interest while the poor suffering from their misdeed will practice honesty in their lives! It should not be like that! Both poor and rich people are born to practice and attain honesty. Men, women, children and people of all religions are born to practice honesty in their lives. The life of human itself is a honesty! Most of the people in Bangladesh still practice honesty in spite of their hardship and the main asset of their lives is their honesty. Weak, dishonest and wicked people are not respected in the society. Because they do not practice honesty in their life rather they make effort to deceive people, to harm people adopting unfair means and armed with dishonesty. Their number in the society is very small but the problem is they have controlled everything policies, laws and assets through their black money. It is really unfortunate to state the some politicians, government wings and law enforcement agencies accompanied these small wicked people leading most of honest people to suffer but in the long run the honest people will surely triumph. Justice never gives its verdict in favor of dishonesty and this is the very strength of the honest people. This strength should be shared with the new generation and motivate them to practice honest life. The seed of honesty should be sown in the mind of the new generation from their childhood so that they could practice it and spread the works of honesty everywhere in the society. The strong root of honesty in their mind will never be uprooted if they are stick to it and fight against dishonesty and corruption! This way, the practice and worship of honesty will spread everywhere and Bangladesh will be crowded with honesty people who will work for establishing a corruption free and peaceful and progressive Bangladesh!

  1. The word “Sangha” comes from Pali and the Sanskrit which means “Together”,” ‘Unity’, and ‘Stay together’. According to the online Muktahush Wikipedia, Sangha means a united position where the religious leaders of Buddhist or Vikkhus stay together. In some occasion, Sangha refers to the association of the Vikkhus. Religious chapels, dance, music and art practices, magic, herbal practice, gymnastics and some other art works have been formed with the unity and gathering of like-minded people. This is the context on how organizations got formed in the Bengali territory. Many associations, for instances, were formed to fight against the injustice of the British Rulers in the British regime. The main message of these associations was to fight against injustice and corruption. Association means sharing with others everything and consulting with all to make decisions. Bangladeshi people fought against injustice decision of Pakistani rulers to establish the Urdu as national language of the East Pakistan (Bangladesh) ignoring the state language Bengali. Many associations were formed during that time and people of all walks got involved with those associations to fight for establishing Bengali as the state language. The Bengali people won in the battle leading the 21st of February to be declared as the international mother language day by the United Nation. The same battle Bangladeshi people fought for the independent emergence of Bangladesh in 1971. This was the battle against injustice and the triumph of honesty and truth against dishonesty and the untruth. Time to time Bangladeshi people made many efforts and created many instances for establishing the truth and honesty in the society and state. Thus in order to get involved in the battle of honesty from childhood to school life initially an association needs to formed with the like-minded fellow brothers and sisters. The name of the association could be Integrity Unit. This Integrity Unit will work to flourish the personal honesty as well as values of its members so that they could realize their role in the society and could contribute to fight against dishonesty and corruption. This way, students or the young generations could become responsible towards the society and state and will act accordingly. The Integrity Units will motivate the students and youth to be aware about the politics, state and become patriots. The Anti-Corruption Commission of Bangladesh government has made a declaration of formation of Integrity Units in school levels whose members will be from class 6 to class 10. According to the 17 (Cha) clause of 2004 act of Anti-Corruption Commission, ‘In order to prevent corruption, honesty and responsibility should be created and campaigns against corruption should be made. Later on, in 2010, the by-laws and work regulations were developed and in the 18 clause of the by-laws and work regulations the responsibility of Integrity Units has been handed over to corruption prevention committee. According to the Anti-Corruption Commission, “Establishing Integrity Units in school levels in order to create a sense of honesty and integrity among the young generation and involving them in anti-corruption awareness building programs. With the overall cooperation from the Anti-corruption Commission, the Integrity Units will be controlled by the Corruption Prevention Committee along with utmost assistance from the teachers”. On the other hand, according to the Bangla Academy, the meaning of “Sangathan” is addition, get-together and unification while the meaning of ‘Sangharsa” is conflict. However, in the battle of honesty every one of us has to be organized and united. Being organized or united is a very strength to fight against corruption and dishonesty. A flower gets blossomed with ranges of conflict in its growth process and the same thing that the growth and spread of honesty will ground its roots with ranges of conflicts. Bangladeshi people fought against the enemies to save a flower (Bangladesh). Let the new generation make effort to get the blossom of the honesty flower in their heart and mind and let the flowers ground its roots everywhere in the society and state.
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